Here's what Photographers have to say about the Baby as Art newborn photography workbook!

"I have to tell you I love this book! I've been doing newborn photography for the last 8 years and honestly I didn't know how much I'd actually learn from your book. While I know quite a bit, sure enough there have been little tips and tricks that will be helpful in achieving the details that make the shot perfect. I love the step by step images! It's fun to see how you bring it all together.  I love the book. It's beautiful, informative and extremely well voiced. Congrats!!!"

-Alecia Silva |

"I attended the Baby as Art workshop in 2010, and since then, I've commissioned Britt to photograph my third and fourth babies when they were born. And now I've received the BEAUTIFUL workbook. There is *so* much valuable information in the workbook. Good, solid, information to base a successful newborn photography business on. Proper lighting!! Wrapping. Tips and tricks to keep babies relaxed and warm. The images are beautiful and from what I know of Britt's work and methodology, she doesn't hold any information back. There are behind the scenes images and resulting image to compare to see the angles (SO important!) There are countless beautiful images to inspire you, her studio setup, vendors, and most importantly, SAFETY information. Truly, any and everything you would need to either begin photographing newborns or refine your skill and take your images to the next level of professional artist work."

-Shannon Dodd |

"I got the digital version! It is SO amazing! I have bought multiple posing guides and this is by far the best and most I formative guide I have! I learned so much about proper lighting among other super valuable information. If you are debating, stop. Its totally worth it!!"

-Ashley Singh |

"This digital workbook is delightful! The detail that is poured into this book is an absolute breath of fresh air. I loved the follow along pictures included in most all sections of the book. Thank you so so much for inspiring and teaching me to dig deeper with your marvelous techniques."

-Tiff West |

"I've been a photographer for a few years and do my fair share of newborn shoots. They have been successful to a degree but there was always an element of inconsistency with the images. I have been a fan of Britt's work for a long time so I was excited when I saw the Baby as Art Workbook on Facebook.  It's beautifully presented and the pictures alone are inspiring. I have found the book to be well-written and easily accessible for anyone who is undertaking or who wishes to undertake newborn baby photography. There are so many helpful tips which I hadn't even considered and I was able to put them into practice right away, from keeping baby asleep to lighting to posing and much more. The pull-back shots are particularly insightful! I believe my photography improved from the very first session after getting the workbook and I constantly refer to it before each and every baby shoot. Thank you, Britt!!"

-Susan Renee |

"I totally loved it and found it really easy to read and follow. I put what I read to practice in a newborn shoot I did this week and found myself a lot more confident and in control of the shoot having a clear process in my mind‎ from beginning to end of what to do. The images still aren't like yours but are a marked improvement and I suspect that I will improve more as I do more shoots and get comfortable with all the poses"

-Miranda Roos | Miranda Roos Photography

"I can't thank you enough for creating this e book, it's been a pleasure reading through and has definitely made me change the way I do a few things in the studio. It's photographers like you that keep others inspired and motivated. Thank you!"

-Sharyn Abou Nasr |

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