• Image of Newborn Photography Workbook
  • Image of Newborn Photography Workbook
  • Image of Newborn Photography Workbook
  • Image of Newborn Photography Workbook
  • Image of Newborn Photography Workbook


We are excited to announce the completion of the Baby as Art Newborn Photography Workbook! At over 170 pages, this book is filled with all the knowledge that Carrie and I have compiled photographing newborns over the past 11 years. This workbook encompasses all the instruction we taught at our newborn photography workshops. This is the only newborn photography workbook you will ever need!

Topics covered in the book include...

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS // Handling newborns can be an art within itself! Over the past 11 years, Carrie and I have discovered certain techniques that create a succesful session. Our basics section covers studio setup as well as on-location setup.

LIGHTING // Artistically speaking, I feel that lighting is the most important factor in creating a beautiful image. It took Carrie and I a couple of years to figure out lighting, but once we did... we were able to shift our focus to the more creative aspects of newborn photography. As far as lighting goes... this workbook has it covered!! Inside the book you will find detailed explanations on finding the perfect light, how to identify less desirable lighting scenarios (such as flat lighting and up-lighting), lighting when using props, backlighting newborns, lighting with macros, studio lighting, lighting on-location, and outdoor lighting! Our easy to understand guide will take the guesswork out of lighting newborn babies!

CAMERA SETTINGS // There are a few custom camera settings that we implement on our systems to create the best possible images for newborn photography specifically.

IN CAMERA PERFECTION // We put a lot of focus into perfecting the picture in camera and not in post processing. This level of perfectionism is not obtained overnight; It takes a tremendous amount of patience and focus. This section shows specific details to look for, such as lighting, posing, angle to the baby, and angle to the camera, just to name a few.

THE ESSENTIALS // There are several must have items for the newborn studio. This workbook provides a list of items that make photographing newborns much easier.

VENTURING OUTDOORS // Shooting outdoors brings a whole new set of challenges. Elements such as temperature, breeze, noise, and bugs cannot be controlled like they can in the studio. Our outdoor guide details precautions and techniques to create a safe, sucessful, and beautiful outdoor newborn portrait. Lighting newborns outdoors can often be tricky, but our workbook provides an easy to understand guide to getting the perfect light when shooting outside.

POSING ON THE BEANBAG // Photographing the baby on a beanbag offers a simplicity that cannot be achieved using props. The curled shots are basic, yet something that nearly every parent wants. The photographer cannot simply throw a blanket on the bag and consider the setup ready for a newborn. The beanbag posing guide gives step-by-step instructions, including behind the scenes pictures, showing how to create seven classic newborn poses.

POSING WITH PROPS // There is an endless supply of unique props to put babies in... from the antique shop down the road to the various prop vendors that sell props specifically for newborns. You are bound to find many treasures perfectly-sized for your newborn subjects. Many of the same poses that are done in the beanbag can be replicated in props. However, since baskets, crates, and bowls are generally not very comfortable for babies to curl up in all on their own, the photographer must set them up in a way to make the baby cozy and stable at all times. The posing with props section gives easy to understand directions, accompanied by many pullback shots, to take the guesswork out of using props.

OTHER POSES // Posing newborns doesn't end in the beanbag or in props... the workbook covers photographing newborns awake, photographing macros, posing families, posing Mama and Baby, posing Daddy and Baby, photographing siblings, as well as photographing twins.

SAFETY // Safety is an important topic that cannot be left out when discussing newborn photography. The workbook provides a detailed explanation covering all things related to newborn safety. Proper spotting technique is shown with a pullback image and the use of composites is shown in detail.

TIPS + TRICKS // Our favorite tricks we use to photograph newborns are revealed!

SOURCES // A list of 30 of our favorite sources from our lab to our favorite knitters!


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